How They Did It!

Buninyong Primary July 2009


ITC Leader, Kevin Cummins, organised a full day P.D. for staff and students. Activities included:
Time with the Literacy Co-ordinator to establish a primary literacy blog.
A forty five minute session with Grade 5 and 6 students who are using new netbooks. Demonstrated how they can enhance the appearance of their blogs using widgets. Talked about cyber bullying and cyber safe practices.
Met with whole staff and showed them the potential of the Global Teacher environment to meet individual staff needs. Demonstrated the use of the comment tool on the Literacy blog that had been created. There are now fifteen comments on this and staff saw how the comments could be edited and managed.

North Fitzroy Primary School

Fitzroy North Primary School teacher, Andrew Williamson, contacted me after having been to PD sessions which outlined the benefits of blogging and introduced him to Global Teacher. He arranged for me to have a meeting with the Principal and Leadership team with the view to developing a program to inservice all staff at Fitzroy North.

First Day of School Year 2009

Two one and a half hour presentations on blogging as a powerful teaching and learning tool.

Staff were taken on a virtual tour of Global Teacher and saw examples of  successful blogging collectives which included samples of teacher and student work. They also viewed the SS Vulcania and Pythian Games, two blogging environments used by Soul Food Cafe community members.


Staff were shown Fitzroy North Primary Quarters Blog, a blog created for the purpose of the workshop. It was still  in its default form and as we worked we began to alter the appearance of the blog. Staff could see the intuitive system and see how easy it is to make alterations. Initially staff  used the comment tool. They wrote comments and saw them moderated, thus learning more about the control one has in a system like this. Note that over twenty staff learned how to use this comment tool.

All staff undertook the steps and joined Global Teacher. They each created a blog, learning about how important it is to choose a username and discovering how to change their password. Nearly thirty test blogs were made during this session and added to the home base blog. Staff were shown how to post text and insert an image, learned the difference between a post and a page and much more.

Subsequently Allocated Two  PLT sessions

These sessions were specifically used to explore how to Plant ITC seeds and how to drive the blogs. Staff were shown how to use the widgets, add links, insert images, upload videos etc.

Flying and Blogging

During Term Two and Three the harvest began to appear at North Fitzroy. NFPS Bloggerama houses links to class and student blogs. Note the comment that Andrew Williamson has added to this page, talking about presentations which are revealing just how successful the project has been.

Horsham West Primary School 2008


Ultranet Coach, John Scott, organised a conference in Edenhope to immerse staff from Edenhope and surrounding schools with Web 2.0 technology. Speakers presented about blogging, wikis, ipods etc. Global Teacher was represented there and at Horsham West. Horsham West were introducing Edublogs to staff and general and hands on PD sessions were presented to staff. Heather Blakey returned to the school to work with individual teachers and classes and helped to establish class blogs.

Horsham West have used a traditional Web Page to provide links to work that is happening within the school. They have links to blogs that have been established. Some staff have maintained an active online presence. Miss Wilkie


is using the blog to publish student work, to recognize success, and to provide links to resources and  fun ITC activities which enhance students skill level. She also uses it to feature the principles of Good Habits of the Mind.


Miss Koenig is using her blog to communicate with students and if you look at the activity in the comment tool section you will see that students are reciprocating. Students have used the comment tool to set goals and to express their delight about the Netbook Trial. The success of the project at Horsham West was largely due to the driving force of ITC staff who ensured that comprehensive P.D was provided and that class teachers work was followed up in ITC sessions.

Doncaster Secondary College


Dianne Beever, from Doncaster Secondary College led a six session, whole school program to introduce the school community to blogging and Web 2.0 Technology. This was a comprehensive P.D. which included general and hands on sessions with all staff.

Berwick Lodge Primary School


Berwick Lodge Primary School, largely because of the work of ITC co-ordinator, Lois Smethurst, has established a solid collective on Global Teacher.

2 thoughts on “How They Did It!

  1. We have just had our half year ‘show and tell’ of our blogs. Wow! What an amazing example of ICT for creating, communicating and visual thinking. Every one had really embraced the concept of blogging. The most fantastic thing was that every blog was completely different a reflection of the teacher and their class online. It was like the class blog was a portal into the classroom. The students have been incredibly enthusiastic too. The level of engagement in digital literacy has increased as students contribute to their class or own blogs. Computer club has become very popular as students strive to build content to put on their blogs. “How do I put this on my blog?” is a common question. The responsibility that comes with blogging has focused our roll as digital citizens. Blogging as a Web 2.0 tool has opened up the world to our students. They thrive on the authenticity that Web 2.0 brings to their learning. Having other students, teachers and parents from all over the globe commenting on your work is an amazing motivational tool. Blogging through globalstudent/globalteacher has taken ICT at North Fitzroy Primary School a step closer to being truly integrated throughout the curriculum. It is not a subject that is taught in isolation but pervades every aspect of teaching and learning.

  2. Blogging has become a natural part of my working life now. I enjoy thinking about what I can add to my and my class blog and coming up with interesting ways to present it. The children and their families feel more connected with what their children are doing in the classroom, which in turn strengthens the connection between our classroom and the families we work with. Although I am not a technology native – rather, I am a technology immigrant – I have taken to blogging like a fish to water and I am very excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

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